Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sportive?

A Cycle Sportive is a cycling event undertaken by multiple riders along a pre-determined planned route. The route is usually marked to give directions. The ride is not considered a race as participants complete the selected distance at their own pace within the chosen time limit.

Do I need to be fit?

Riders are responsible to ensure they are fit enough to complete the selected distances. Variable distance options are available to help meet all riders abilities.

Does my entire entry fee go to charity?

The aim is to ensure all riders have a great day and also raise as much money as possible for charity. All profit will be donated to charity however a running cost will be deduced. The aim is to keep this at a minimum whilst providing adequate support and facilities.
A target has been set at a minimum of 60% will be donated.

What equipment to I need?

A fully operation cycle is required along with a cycling helmet.  Cycling specific clothing is advisable to help deal with winds and heat.
Any kind of bicycle will do however the entire route is on road so small lower resistance tyres are adviser able.  Please carry sufficient clothing to deal with any rain or strong winds.

What is the order for the day?

Riders will need to sign in at the start of the day. Once this has been done, assemble around the start line and await the next available slot. Once you are on the road complete the route and remember to sign back in to let us know you have arrived back safely.