Terms & Conditions

  1. Riders must be 16 years of age on the day of the ride to participate (under 18's must have the consent of a parent or guardian and be accompanied by a nominated adult at all times whilst on the ride).
  2. Riders must be younger than 80 years of age on the day of the ride to participate.
  3. The event organisers (Congleton Cycling Club) reserve the right to refuse entry online, at the start or whilst on the road based on health and safely grounds or due to non compliance with the event rules.
  4. All Riders must wear a cycling helmet compliable with one or more of the following CE EN1078, CPSC, SNELL B90A, AS/NZS safety standards.
  5. Entrants are responsible for their own bicycle maintenance and must ensure that it is mechanically sound and of suitable type and quality to complete the ride.
  6. No form of triathlon or time trial bars or similar bar extensions, no disc or tri spoke wheels, no electric, recumbent or penny farthing bicycles are allowed.
  7. Riders must ensure they carry appropriate spare parts for roadside repairs including, but not limited to, inner tubes, pump, tyre patch/ repair kit, multi-tool and chain split link.
  8. In the event of a mechanical problem, all riders must primarily ensure their own safety and are advised to carry out any adjustments/ repairs off the carriageway in a safe place.
  9. A broom wagon will be sweeping the course and any entrant who suffers a mechanical breakdown that is beyond repair at the roadside is advised to call the event HQ with their location details to request recovery.
  10. Whilst the organisers will try to ensure sufficient food and drink at the feed stations, however it is recommended that all entrants carry enough fuel to last the full distance.
  11. All entrants accept full responsibility to ensure they are medically and physically fit enough to complete the ride.
  12. Riders who suffer an injury which means they cannot complete the course should advice the event HQ who will arrange pick up by the broom wagon. Paramedic cover will be provided at the feed stations and en route, who can also assist. For more serious injuries consider the need for emergency service attendance.
  13. Riders will not use any mobile phone or similar device whilst riding, you will need to ensure your own safety by removing yourself from the carriageway in order to use such devices.
  14. Riders must not deviate intentionally off the planned route. If you become genuinely lost, find an identifiable feature (such as road names at a junction) and if unable to re-find the event route, call the event HQ for assistance.
  15. The route will be marked with event signs, however riders are responsible for having sufficient directions to complete the course. The event organisers will make every effort to ensure accurate signage, but cannot be held responsible for altered/ removed signs.
  16. Congleton Cycling Club reserves the right to adjust or alter the route, however riders will be informed of any changes.
  17. Riders will listen to the advice of marshal's, however remain solely responsible for their own actions on the road and must follow the Highway Code at all times.
  18. Riders may not ride with any sort of support vehicle. The event organisers will offer appropriate support at set locations on the route as well as via communication with event HQ.
  19. Riders are asked to respect all other road users, just as you would expect respect in return. Please ensure groups of riders are no bigger than 20 and follow the Highway Code with respect to riding no more than 2 abreast and singling out where appropriate.
  20. The broom wagon will sweep the course at an average speed of 10mph. Entrants who end up behind the broom wagon will be asked to speed up and if unable will be offered a pick up. Any rider who refuses this pick up will be deemed to have finished the event and assumes full responsibility for their own safety and will not be supported for the remainder of the route. Riders should bear in mind that the event assumes slowest riders will complete at an average of 10mph and all support ceases after this time.